New Forza 6 Details Surface – 450+ Cars, Night Racing, and More

[/img]The Japanese website for Forza Motorsport 6 went live with a quite a few details on the racer, before the page was pulled offline.

All Games Beta took a screengrab, which is posted at the bottom.

According to the website, the game will contain “wet weather, 3D puddles, and night racing” along with “state-of-the-art-physics at simulation speed.”

The website also states it displays at 1080p and runs at “50fps” which is likely a typo as the webpage is riddled with them (ha! look who typed that wink). Forza 6 is expected to run at 60fps as with Forza 5.

It also states the racer will have the most cars of “any racing game this generation,” as more than 450 will be present and with customization options – full working ****pits and full damage included.

The Xbox One exclusive will also contain “26 world-famous locales including Daytona, Rio, and more.”

Co-op features include two-player split-screen, 24-player races, and realistic Drivatar opponents.

Forza Motorsport 6 will be playable at E3 2015, a release date hasn’t been provided. Microsoft is expected to reveal more on the game at its E3 2015 presentation on June 15.


Pay to play. Forza never includes the minimum cars that should be shipped with the game. Prepare to pay $65 for the game and $50 for a car pass. I hate what this series has become.

When it comes to racing games I prefer to play the Need for Speed series. Granted, it’s not realistic racing, but, for me, that’s what makes it entertaining and has me coming back for more. Now I did play FM4, purchased the Season Pass, but I wasn’t impressed with many of the vehicles that came with the scheduled packs; I felt as if majority of the vehicles were just thrown in as fillers and you truly got 2-3 cars.

…ever since FM4 I haven’t purchased another game within the series because I just felt as if I wouldn’t get the same entertainment as I do with the Need for Speed series/games.

I love the NFS series especially Most Wanted i bought FM3, FM4, FH, FH2, what i don’t enjoy about Forza mainly is the lack of Free roaming (apart from Horizon and Horizon 2) and that all the races are organised there isn’t that rush you get when playing NFS when you’re about to lose the race then you get that amazing comeback from the 5th place to the 1st place and also when the cops are chasing you, That’s what made me hate NFS Shift, Shift 2 Unleashed they were both organised racing there wasn’t that thing that was always in NFS games.

Couldn’t agree more. Have you seen the new need for speed teaser? I want to be pumped for the game but we’ll see if they actually go back to street racing and full customization.

I see an RWB Porsche and a Rocket Bunny 240 that’s enough customisation for me.

I hadn’t seen the teaser, but, thanks to you posting the short video, now I have!
…I’ll have to keep my eyes out for more information regarding the next game because I haven’t played a racer since NFS: Most Wanted (2012); multiplayer wise I haven’t played since NFS: The Run!

God car:

Open Me

I miss the old Turismo games.

Forza Motorsport 4 was the last good one. They had a spectacular amount of vehicles. I also loved how they had car packs for specific years of production and each pack had about 60 cars. Forza Motorsport 5 was kind of a let down for me even though I play it here and there.