*NEW* GTA V Money Mod (Easy) (Fast) (Simple!)

[b]Okay so for those struggling with the “Tunables Mod” here is a simple and easy way to do it!

First and foremost I am not responsible for any bans, or resets that may happen!

If robbing stores do not rank you up, or so try doing the race, “Criminal Records.”

- 1. Unlink your gamertag from Social Club - 2. Go to System Settings on Xbox - 3. Go to Network Settings - 4. Go to your network settings that you are using (Ex. Wireless, or Wired) - 5. Go to Configure Network - 6. Go to DNS settings and select "Manual. - 7. Type in this IP in the Primary one: - 8. You should be able to rob a store and get level 100 or so and not level 1000 and get like 100 million everytime you do rob a store, you welcome![/b]

Likely the tunables mod that gets everyone banned…

Any mod could get you banned, since when hasn’t it been like that? I am just here to help everyone who was having problems with the other one have an easier one.

How’d you discover this?

Great tutorial Nick! =] Hope this helps people out. :smile:

Anyway we could do this and level up like 5 or 10 times we rob a store and only get the default amount of money form robbing a store?

Not that I know, but it would be cool to change the amount of times you do level up.

It works…wow

I’m confused, is that all have to do is change my ip? :confused:

This does not change your IP on your router and what not, it only changes the IP to your console so make sure you write down the IP you have now

Or he could just use the IP I put, and then after he modded to the desired amount, he could change it back to “Automatic” and it would pull the IPs and what not that he needs.

I’m a little confused, I just put the IP & the mod is already in it?

Yes, that is all you do, make sure you do unlink, or you could suffer a ban, but you could either way, there is just a higher chance.

Warning: Comes with getting spammed with messages from little kids wanting money since you gave their friend some.

Oh, okay I’m about to try it out, btw if this work here is a Thanks in advance xD

Okay, post back with any results, or problems you are having!

I’'m starting to get save failed. Like it’s not saving to the cloud servers.

anyone been banned or put in a cheater lobby? and how much money do you get from this?

A **** ton of money.

After robbing 8 stores and giving out more than 75% of all of it.

Yeah Garribean there has been some reports on “Saving failing,” I do not know why, or how to fix it.

Money earned from a robbery "100 Million"
Jobs do not know

Also some steps if you are having saving issues

  1. Clear cache
  2. Delete title update
  3. Change IP back and then again