New Titanfall 2 4K PC Gameplay

New gameplay has emerged of PC 4K footage. Considering the beta was only open for consoles, it is nice to see high quality footage from a high-end rig.

Take a look for yourself: Titanfall 2 Gameplay

Yup, I saw that video before. Game looks pretty good. Was posted on Geforce, and Wccftech as well:

Check this out.

A new Single player gameplay Video is out. 4K gameplay footage of the Trial By Fire single player campaign mission running at 60 frames per second, captured on a TITAN X GPU.

Gameplay, and the weapons look pretty impressive.

Can’t wait to play this FPS on my RIG. PC version of Titanfall 2 comes with several options that will not be available on consoles, such as DSR, MFAA, Surround and FCAT.