New to Wemod, few questions?

Hi, you can call me Evel…
I am new here just found out about it by looking through state of decay 2 juggernaut edition stuff.

I was wondering if this WeMod’s is updated regularly and does it still work for State of Decay 2 Juggernaut edition?

I see there’s a pay wall which i wouldn’t mind becoming a PRO if needed and it’s trustworthy.

Has anyone ever had issues with this wemod? I’d just like to hear from a few people before I get to involved in this!

My experience is minimal, Iv had one mod for State of Decay 2 before but I forget what it was it was some sort of trainer, iv also tried gta 5 trainer for storymode but i don’t do that anymore. Just looking for a nice simple trainer or mod for SOD2.
Please share your reviews :slight_smile:

TIA :slight_smile:

Been a member here for two years. All the trainers here are free. You can just use the assigned hotkeys to enable the cheats when the wemod is active and playing in the background. When you’re a pro member, more features open up. Like you can change the hotkeys (which i often do, because many games use F1-F12 buttons in their games. So i usually assign my wemod hotkeys to the numlock buttons.

The more popular a game is, the faster and frequent the updates. If a game isn’t as popular or old, it’s less likely to get updates. I use wemod for many of my single player games. Wemod do not condone use of cheats for multiplayers, so don’t even bother asking for one. (A good example would be Red Dead Redemption 2. The cheats work great for single player, but spotty for online use. Wemod will not take requests for wemod to work online.

I use wemod across a multitude of games. Sometimes, if i’m interested in a game, but there’s no wemod trainer for it, i don’t buy the game, period. Wemod is such a big part of my enjoyment for the games that i do consider wemod when game shopping. I’m almost half a century old, with family and kids, so time is limited for me, and i dont have time messing around with games. Wemod helps reduce the grind greatly, enabling me to get to the fun parts faster.

Whether you’re on the fence or not, you can try the trainers for free before deciding if you want to become a pro member or not.