News : Creativerse Definitive Edition

Creativerse just updated to it’s definitive edition
Worlds and data are all local sided and therefore able to be exploited via hacking, modding, etc… Would really love if someone got some mods up for that, really curious to see what can be done.

Hey there!

While I’m sure WeMod appreciates your suggestion for a trainer to be made, unfortunately, they do not take trainer requests on the forums.

In the case of Creativerse, the original game is not supported by WeMod. As such, it’s very likely the definitive edition will not be supported either.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Even though this game has a single-player mode, the game’s Steam page states that a constant internet connection is required, indicting that even single player games are potentially hosted on online servers.

Aside from that, being server-sided is not the only reason a trainer cannot be made for a game. Other technical reasons include unbreakable anti-cheat, the way the game is coded, the developer asked us to remove the trainer, the game is developed in Java (in Java games, the memory addresses are randomised every time you launch the game, so the trainer will have difficulty injecting cheats), and so on.

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