Next tattoos, sketches I did. Feedback?

So I got back into drawing while I was incarcerated and in rehab and these are the next tattoos I’m getting.
Not the best work but I’m proud of em. One is a mechanical owl and the other an all seeing eye. Thoughts?

Damn, didn’t know you could draw!

I feel like the top one without the bones would look really nice.

It’s how I got into art. I started drawing at a young age and got a scholarship to a private art school in my town, one out the best in my area. I was on a full scholarship from 3rd thru 11th grade. Got into sculpting ascend painting heavy. But taught myself Photoshop and video editing and it kinda stuck. Some of the most valuable info I learned about art was in that school.

Also yeah I might ditch the bones. All seeing eye tattoos are tricky because you can’t get too complex or it’ll look stupid. I have some pastel work I’ll upload once I find it.

You just made me want to get another tattoo I’m going threw withdrawals.

I only have two pieces but they’re extremely addicting. Just waiting to get paid!

Nice. My only complaint is that the eye seems to be looking up instead of down.

Eye is looking straight ahead. I used a photo of a real eye to draw it so I dunno.

That owl is damn sweet.

Thank you! The idea actually came to me during an Ayahausca experiment, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Ayahausca but its Dimethyltryptamine (N,N-DMT) with a MAOI. DMT is a hallucinogenic drug, the strongest in the world and MAOI is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. DMT synthesized on its own when smoked is 5 minutes of insane hallucinations but when consumed with an MAOI it stops your body from breaking it down and its metabolized in the GI tract and turns a 5 minute experience into an 8 hour experience. CNN has done a few documentaries on Ayahausca, its found in tree bark and roots in the Amazon and the tribes there have been practicing with it for thousands of years.

Very spiritual experience.

The owl one is really cool. You have a lot of talent.

I might go get my first tattoo soon. I’m thinking of getting my birth year in Latin.

Don’t know where to get it tho or what to make it look like.

That is what worries me about tattoos.

Triangle with bones and a bird with skulls lmfao ur a rebel arent ya 0/10 pls


Its going on my body, why do you care? I’m not a tattoo artist so I’m sure the artist will change it a bit. lol…
Skyline in your signature and avatar, mediocre pre-done C4D renders and preset text layer style. You’re a graphic designer that drives a Honda, amirite?

Well now I know how we could collaborate!


Lol, don’t try and correct spelling if you can’t fix your own, you’re an idiot lmfao.

You asked for opinions and I’m giving you mine, they look like ****.

No you’re not right, I got the sig made by another member here, don’t be jealous he is better than you :smile:

Do tell.

Well I draw some as well, I mean I do graffiti sketches, considering of the style of street graffiti. I do come from Philly and there is a lot of street graffiti in the city which inspired me to do so. So how I think we could collaborate is either I illustrate a drawing you did or you illustrate graffiti I did. Either one is fine with me I am very good with lighting/drawing/illustrating/etc. (not to brag just saying my strengths.)

Hmm I should upload some of my graffiti. I go to Philly all the time. I’m from Allentown.
Always around North Philly/Temple area.

Nice man I plan on going to Temple for graphic design!

Art Institute of Philly is nice I hear. Have a few friends who go there.