Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge - All skills & unlocks

This modified savegame contains the following features:

[i]- All skills unlocked

  • All weapons unlocked
  • All costumes unlocked
  • 99,999,999 Karma
  • All Golden Scarabs
  • All Crystal Skulls
  • Infinite Health (Should work, please let me know if it doesn’t!)[/i]


Open Me


Don’t forget to rehash & resign!

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Okay just tested the file and here’s the result;

  1. Its a con file (indicated by dec1337) so replace and yes hash and resign.

  2. Inifinite health did not work sorry…

  3. This is more like a new game plus save game with all stuffs unlocked as dec1337 stated above.

  4. This save is at roughly checkpoint one or two/day 1/normal.

  5. As this save is the early checkpoint of the game, but warning the first achievement of the game is the falcon dive (story related and the first action Ryu will need to perform), so do at least get this achievement before using.

  6. Related to 3. as this is a new game plus with everything unlocked, hence achievements might not unlock will be collections related achievements (weapons/upgrade/scarabs, etc…) [tested playing the game on normal till day 1 clear and no achievements unlocked except defeat bosses; clear day 1; some techniques move] so highly feel that mentioned achievements will no longer unlock but I could be wrong as I have not complete the game using this save.

  7. Neverthless this save file make it much easier to go through with max health upgrade already on hero and normal but not for hard (at least for me as I suck at NG games thou I play it for fun.)

Finally again thanks for the save file.

Ah well at least the unlocks work :smile: It shouldn’t be a new game+ though, I started a brand new game then used a trainer on my RGH to unlock the content, let me know if you get any achievements - thanks for your help :thumbsup:

Yeap. Sorry I mean this save file is more “like” a new game plus, thou I know you did it from a new savegame. As usually in new game plus mode mostly or everything have been unlocked for another run through… Ha ha…

I will try to use this file for the rest of my playthrough and update again.

Sorry dec1337, would you have the time to try poking into the infinite health thingy again? That would really help alot :interrobang: Thanks

nice post bro

the file is missing, please re-upload…

I respectfully concur.

Okay just tested the file and here’s the result

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please someone help for this game title. We need a save editor for the next horizon update

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