No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

same dude i even bought more from actual money… i feel scammed @crazycoop

Did it before I came to this page, Thanks for the info though!

The little bar that you are talking about was reset for some reason

We are changing how voting works. Voting is now disabled on a game once we have tested it internally and determined rather it works or not. Games are being updated regardless of how many votes they have currently.

But your still charging money for more votes?

Voting is disabled on the game because we confirmed it isn’t working. If you are buying votes(which very few people do) then they will be on your account to use for another game.

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So no new trainer update?

@Estranged Thanks very much for the clarification, I wasn’t quite sure on how the whole thing worked. Much appreciation to the people helping out, whether its the modders or just someone who helps me feel a little less confused haha.

Welcome to the discussion @Hulkenlol

thank you for the clarification Chris

So are we going to get an update? Would be pretty cool…

Seriously? Man that sucks. I didn’t he actually abandoned it. Do you have a source for that or just guessing?

update Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

All trainers have this serious problem, when we managed to get 1000 points for the upgrate, the ‘request update’ label will disappear.

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Thank You for the point. However at the time I made the post, the button wasn’t showing up. I did go and vote after it showed up. :slight_smile:

Is there any kind of update on this? Like is it being worked on or anything?


See this post:

Let me rephrase my question, is there a status update or estimation of when it will be done?

WeMod generally doesn’t give ETAs for updates. Here’s a post from Chris yesterday stating this game has voting disabled because it’s trainer isn’t working:

For now, you can expect MrAntiFun to be looking into this as his current trainer is listed as ‘Incompatible’:

I hope this clears things up :slight_smile:

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All comments and replies understood, but STN does not work either. No viable trainer found on WeMod for this game at current version.

I have not bought votes, but would be willing to do so for this trainer by MrAntiFun.

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