No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Did you, by any chance, use a mod to remove the RNG from your upgrades, or get the “perfect” upgrades possible? That happened to me, and that was my determination. Then they (Hello Games) went and released a patch that limited the upgrades you could use to 3, instead of the original 6.

When I told them about it, they questioned my graphics drivers (of all things), and whether or not I had mods installed. At the time, I was going through the status of the game, with the “DISABLEMODS.txt” file in place. Found that little gem of a problem.

I would love to see either unlimited or settable hyperdrive ranges!
but anyway, great work!

game not loading with WM running ?? any one else getting this? any help is good

Pls upgrade to 4.05 pls

@FirewallDaProtogen - You can already do this in-game, via the difficulty settings menu when you pause the game.

Or this may be of interest too: Atmosphere Hover - Pulse Speed Adjustments at No Man's Sky Nexus - Mods and Community.

@Ravenfyre The ‘unlimited hyperdrive’ isn’t what people think it is. It’s just unrestricted as to what types of stars it can visit, not the distance it can travel.
That said, there are mods that’ll allow a person to go from the starter system straight to the center of the galaxy. I don’t use them, but I know they exist.

@Ratzz I’ve had this exact thing happen before.
Are you, by any chance, using mods? If so, you have two (or more) mods that are conflicting with each other, and using the same .pak file that runs the game. From here, you have three (3) options.

1: Replace the “DISABLEMODS.txt” file in the PCBANKS folder.
2: Figure out which mods are conflicting, and remove them.
3: Try to merge the conflicting mods together with AMUMSS.

Example: I have Exo’s scanner mod and a “perfect upgrade” mod. They both use the same .pak file. I chose to merge them together. Now I have a single mod that does both things (until an update comes along).

@Astralson3 You might need to go into the History part of the trainer, and choose the most recent. It happens.

All of these deleted posts are because I screwed up and forgot how things work.

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thanks got it all worked out happy me

Is it possible to bring us a “buried technology module” cheat? I mean these research points, that would be extreme helpful

nevermind, im retard XD I can just dublicate them I guess

You don’t have to duplicate anything, really.
The “Easy Craft” option will give you 1,000 of those modules to buy all your things. It also works with repairing technology slots, manufacturing facilities, broken slots in multitools, ships, and if you’ve gotten to the next dimension, your exosuit.

With the new Waypoint (4.0x) update, one feature is not functional If you enable “Unlimited Ship Health” then your ship’s shield immediately drops to 1%. In a firefight, unlimited health on, you still take lotsa damage. I think that it is fair to say that “unlimited ship health” is not functioning correctly.

Just dropping by to report that the unlimited life support option is not working anymore.

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same as Father, i noticed the unlimited life support is no longer working with recent updates to game.

Aloha. Just a heads up. Easy craft is no longer working w/ construction. It still requires all items to be present in inventory before construction.

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As others have said, Unlimited Life Support & East Craft no longer work.