No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Muy buenas, haber si alguien podria decirme porque una vez arrancado el juego no me deja activar ninguna de las opciones del trainer, segun pulso la tecla se activa y automaticamente se vuelve a desactivar. Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar y solucionarmelo. Muchas gracias

every time I post something no matter what it is you bash me so why don’t you just ¡Cállate! and follow the rule “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all!”

this worked just fine before the last update and shouldn’t have to restart my game every time I want to use it! it’s inconvenient and if I want to be treated like this I’ll go to work!

Tendrás que perdonarme. Mi español está tan oxidado que estoy usando un traductor, pero si ciertas opciones no funcionan como lo describiste, significa que necesitan actualizar el entrenador, ya que Hello Games ha actualizado o cambiado algo en el juego. Todo lo que puede hacer es pedir que se actualice el entrenador.

If the pack size could be changed into a “±” instead of a bar, it would be much easier to use.

And I know that HG makes life for modders difficult, but prior to “Interceptors” the ‘Unlimited Material Packs’ and ‘Super Pack Size’ were true toggles. Now they are ‘Stop and Restart Game’ toggles. Very frustrating. If you can do something? If not, I’ll understand.

Other than that, again great work. I’d not play this game very much if not for the trainer.

Hi, could we get a cheat that lets us build for free without any materials? kinda like how easy craft lets us craft stuff for free, an “Easy Build” cheat would be really appreciated and would make this a lot more useful (not saying it isnt useful, the best cheat for no mans sky i’ve ever seen in fact but it would be a huge improvement to it, making it a whole lot better)

also quick note: i appreciate how much work y’all put into these so wanted to say thanks aswell in this message for making all these trainers

When unlimited resources is on, ships are sometimes not salvagable because it sets the repair amount to some ungodly value (99,999+) with a -2B value. A good example is the salvage site: Planet Chwayn XVII secondary mission. The Hyaline Brain is the one that can’t be purged. If you disable the cheat, you can then start working down the taint but it will take forever since the default stack is 10 for this item. Unfortunately, the messed up quantities are saved to the game and you can’t really reset the mission.

After Mac Update :
Test it (only not the Inventory Cheats )
Unlimited Health and Jetpack dont work .


As noted above, after update Unlimited Health and Unlimited Jetpack both shut themselves off after activation. Thanks in advance for updating when you get the chance.

Edit to add that Infinite Units no longer works either.


please how long does it take to update the mods.

It shouldn’t take too long. People need to remember that these cheats are being made for free, on their free time. People have lives, families, and other things to do.
It’s already #2 in the queue, so it’ll be soon. Probably not soon enough for some, but soon enough just the same.


The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thanks to MrAntiFun for the fast Work :+1: :+1: :+1: