No Man's Sky Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Upper right side on the Trainer in the WeMod program, below the Play button, there are four tabs:
Discussion (takes you to this web page)
Info (shows you the number of members using this, creator, last update)
History (shows date of update, how many functions in it, and how long ago it was updated)
Upgrade to Pro

Click on history and make sure the most recent is selected.

ok thanks

needs updating… several things that aren’t working


The new update literally just dropped…Give it a minute


Eyyo Anti,

Sorry to bug you guys again, but NMS just dropped a MAJOR new free update called Orbital on March 27th, most of the cheats are busted again and in need of updating.

Cheers! We now have ship customization in NMS!


The Specific cheats that are broken are all related to “Unlimited” or “infinite” things, specifically the Unlimited player AND ship health as well as the infinite currency cheats (Units, Nanites and Quicksilver) if that helps troubleshoot anything, sorry if this is already known! tried leaving feedback on the app but it disappeared for me and hasn’t shown up since, and one of the CMs on the discord said to post here. Thanks in advance!

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The No Man’s Sky cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Game Crash on Start Token 120200_0x22E6C7_ST76561198024223179

Something is affecting consumable items (animal pellets, etc) that doesn’t allow me to even use one. IDK if it’s unlimited ammo or no reload, but it’s affecting non-ammo items.

None of the cheats work for this game, half of them click off and the others just dont work.

The 15 (first 8 in the list, and last 7) that i use on my game still work. Just took out a pirate freighter without taking damage by rapid fire rockets (no cooldown) and made 42 warp cells without using any materials

Ok is there a way to disable Laylaps? kinda annoying to have him just spawn for crafting cheats

Enable the crafting cheat you wanted to use. Craft what you needed, and disable the cheat. Laylaps will leave. You don’t need the crafting cheat while you’re in the middle of a Sentinel fight, flying through the space between planets or stars. If you look closely, you probably don’t really need the crafting cheats at all, because eventually, you’ll have everything you need to craft everything else.

ok but WHY does he spawn lol is it something coded in the game or just the trainer

It comes from the mission “A Taste of Metal”, which also gives you the Sentinel Hardframe Battlemech parts, so yea, you could say it’s part of the game itself. I don’t know why it comes up with the easy craft, or easy deployable tech cheats, but it does, and unless you do the questline I mentioned, it’ll go away on it’s own.

Is this trainer going to get updated anytime soon? Its in need of one.

In Need of one? It was just updated 10 days ago.
I was just in game and used:
Unlimited Health
No Radiation
Unlimited Jet Pack
Super Jet Pack Speed
Unlimited Stamina
Easy Atlas Pass (still don’t know what that one does after five years of using it)
Easy Alien Translation
No Reload
Unlimited Ammo (and crafting)
Unlimited Mining Beam Energy
No Tool Overheat
Unlimited Ship Health
Instant Ship Gun Gooldown
Instant Ship Rocket Cooldown
and occasionally One-Hit Kills (if I need to mine a lot of items fast)
and they have all been working fine for me.

All I can say is make sure you are using the right platform (Steam, GOG, XBox) and the current version (right side, click on history, click on newest version (which is 2024-03-29).

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My game is patching as I type this, so maybe they were just trying to get a head start on the whining for an update?

Hello, but at the moment, the f11, unlimited materials packs function has stopped working

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Finally I can confirm something changed in the hidden 5gb hotfix (#4.64) today (April 9th, 2024) so that:
No Radiation
Super Jet Pack Speed
No Reload
did get changed from yesterday.
So besides major content updates (Orbital Expedition), the last time that happened to me was also a hidden 5gb hotfix patch in September 2023.