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No More Room In Hell

So i’m playing a lot of No More Room In Hell but there is no cheats for it in Infinity :C so i wonder if we should add some cheats for this game? A lot of people play it, it might be fun making a trainer for it!

No not here. This is for single player games only.

LOL there is a lot of games were you can use those cheats for multiplayer like Ryse; son of rome, payday etc

Just because they work online doesn’t mean that is what our intention was.

I never said it was its just that you can use cheats online.

Still. That doesn’t make a case to develop a trainer for a multiplayer game intentionally.

There WAS a trainer but its gone now.

There was never a trainer for no more room in hell from wemod.
It’s a multiplayer game only no one would of made that
Plus this is a year old now
@Chris @Instinct @STN. Should probably lock this

Blame Google for bringing me to this…(relevant?) search result. And YES there was a trainer! The codes worked for single player mode and maybe a few exceptions. I found out earlier TODAY that it was removed. That’s how I got so far in the game so quickly! I’m not making this up.