No One Survived Cheats and Trainer for Steam

yes, works now

many thanks :slight_smile:

hi @GreenHouse , if possible in the next update please

is there a way to add unlimited items, free craft or duplicate items plz

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When will we get an update since the game updated recently? I was also wondering if youโ€™re ever going to add an option for turning creative mode on and off.

And like Andy_Nord I would like to know if it is possible to get them to work on private servers when you arenโ€™t the host or an admin?

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Unlimited Health is not working !! :0(

its need upgrade , almost all of tme are not working

Trainer needs an update. How do we vote or let them know things? Is it just through posts??

I use the trainer in Singleplayer, and all the mods are still working.

I was wondering about these options myself? Any news on this yet if this is possible?

Unlimited Durability
No Food Spoilage
Free Craft
Max Weight Not Affected?

plus it also needs updating since last game update, also without having unlimited durability you can lose everything you have to a horde as they break all clothed, armor then backpack, when your weapons break from durability loss, your alive but have nothing

shift+alt+o brings up dev menu, gives you anything you want. It works like a charm. I use it when i really need to. And when you are left naked, well, that would be a good time to use it. Its really the only alternative we have atm.

p.s, this is during singleplayer session of course.