Non Hamachi DEDICATED Minecraft 24/7 (The Original)

Welcome, to the 24/7 Minecraft world. This server is on at all times with little to no lag. Join in and have a experience of a lifetime!

EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE FOR US AT - Gaming top 100 list

You do not need hamachi to login

Twitter Link: Twitter


Server Status:
Server Ip :



want to donate? well send a donation to over paypal and add in the note your username and we will get strait to you! thanks!

extra info
Want to be staff?

if you want to become apart of staff then you need to apply and contact one of the owners and tell us

  1. why you deserve staff
  2. what can you do to benefit us
    3 how old are you


Contact staff

Price (super Owner)
Kink (owner)
Aim- JimmyClimo

Staff Positons

Our current staff list is:

1.Price (twkirkus)


Is minecraft free im thinking about downloading it?

yea my server is cracked but to play on regular servers you gotta have an account

Server specs?

Im downloading hamachi now :smile: I’ll be on your server soon! :smiley:

So whats the Network id and pass?

It’s at the bottom of the post. :smile:
ID: Minecraft PRICE
Password: Green4

Pretty good server I didnt lag once till my 1gb ram started to get used up. I’ll be going back on soon after work; you’re in my sig to advertise for you :wink:

lol thanks sooooo much

hmm do you have to have a good connection to run minecraft?

It probably doesn’t lag do to the amount of players in-game.
As soon as you reach about 20 players the server is using up to 1 GB and with plugins and with hey0 mod it is 24 players per 1 GB.

TIP: Don’t use hamachi. It makes the blocks lag as I said. Try portforwarding :wink:

Very good server I would recommend it to some people. Just watch out for Griefers!

I can has whitelist?

Alright i downloaded hamichi or whatever its called and im on the server what do i do nao i dont have minecraft or anything

thanks but i need a better host cause i suckkkkk at port fowarding

mssg me on aim and ill help you out

I can has whitelist?

mssg me on aim

ewww hamachi

PM me and ill portforward for you

We have a new money system out now where you can make your own shops and such also we made a few tuts on how to conect to hamachi and how to set up a shop. please go read also we have new staff members now so please show respect.

I want to be a admin because i dont like when people destroy other peoples hard work and i could make some epic things and elp out new members and stuffys.


yes it does people are on it right now …