"Not Compatible" Games

Hey guys,

so I was wondering why some of my games are “not compatible”. The first Watch Dogs game, for example, sits on the “Not Compatible” category. Does this mean it won’t work properly? Is it a bug?

I see that the WeMod app has many options for the game like Steam, Origin, and Ubisoft (Uplay?)

Anyway, if someone can help me with these questions, I would be greateful!

God bless!

P.S.: I don’t know if it’s the right category to post this question, I hope you guys be patient as I’m trying to fit in this new community. Thanks a lot!


Not compatible means the version of the game you have is not compatible with the trainer. This is either due to:

  • Your version of the game being in need of an update.
  • The trainer being in need of an update.
  • The wrong trainer is selected for the store the game is from (ie, Steam trainer being used for an Epic Games version of the game. Or even a Uplay trainer being used for a Uplay+ version of the game).
  • The game is slightly different to the edition the trainer was built for (ie, standard edition vs Game of the Year edition).
  • The game you are using is cracked/pirated.

You can try the trainer, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work flawlessly, if at all, if it is not compatible with your game version.

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Oh. So it is because of my edition I think. Or the trainer not being uptaded. I bought from Ubisoft store and it is the complete edition.

Anyway, thank you so much!

God bless!