Not detecting USB

So I have been having this problem for a while now since I got to windows 10. I cant install the newest version of Horizon nor does the old version detect my usb. I want to just add profiles and take them off my usb and it just doesnt show up at all in horizon, but it does on my actual computer. I have formatted the USB to xbox format then added a game save to it and it just doesnt show up in the side ( device explorer )

Have you tried uninstalling the older version of horizon, then installing the new one instead of just trying to upgrade?

Different things you can try:

try a different flash drive if you can.

Run horizon as administrator

and for installing the newest version of horizon I believe you either need 3.5 or 4.5 of the net framework, if someone could confirm which one, that would be great.

when trying to install the new horizon, disable your AV sometimes it will catch it as a false positive

Edit: What does it say, so you know you can’t install the new version of horizon?

Hey, Windows 10 has all sorts of bugs. You should download the Windows 8.1/7 .iso file and make a bootable flash drive, just write the file to the flash drive. I’m having problems with Horizon on Windows 8.1 though.