Not only DL

borderland , borderlan2 , bl the presequel , doom , dying light , homefront TR…nothing works with infinity 2.0. every games crash when i try to use cheat!..what’s going on?

Bugs and Needs fixing they are working on it

borderlands 2 should work(some cheats). which cheats have you tried?

any keys i try to type crash the game (at the moment i unistalled all the games and i have installed BL1 , BL2 , BLTPS , DOOM , DYING LIGHT and HOMEFRONT TR: nothing works with new infinity 2.0

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Is the game crashing, or does Infinity show an error code? What is the error code?

no error code , just any game crashing!! didn’t happen when i had infinity 1.0!

now infinity show me error code 10 but windows defender is disabled and no other AV , what’s the problem?