Notch beat Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Long story short, Notch is a boss.

Beyoncé and Jay Z had their eyes set on a lavish Beverly Hills compound and were reportedly ‘on the verge of closing a deal’ earlier this month after visiting the home six times.

But according to TMZ, Swedish billionaire Markus Persson - who created the video game Minecraft - managed to outbid the music super couple and secured the estate for himself for a record $70 million.

The 35-year-old - who previously sold his company Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 billion - now has the distinction of having paid the highest price ever for a home in the 90210.

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Why is this news and why do you need a $70million house? People wonder why the economy is screwed up, it is because of crap like this.

It’s news because of how little he started off with and he’s earnt every penny.

You can say this about 90% of people though but it still doesn’t make it news.

I swedish guy ain’t got nothin’ but surprises.
But 70M for a house? Now how will he flee back to sweden when all his **** backfires…

Good on him. He made all that money in the most honest way possible. You pay once for the game and that is all. No DLC bs.

Grats to him.

For once I agree with you.

Man I’d love to have a private theater like that house has…

Hey, good for him, but when it comes to Hollywood and knowing who is doing what, when, and why…it’s just ridiculous!

…they are people too, just with more money.

70mil for a house… you can buy islands for cheaper

When you have that much money, why not? It is where you will live, might as well go big.