Notifying Wemod of updates required

It would be awesome if we could have an option to use boosts or something when a game has been updated and has yet to be put on the queue list so the wemod trainer makers know it needs an update and can see how much interest there is in an update.


I concur

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Is this the right place to ask for an update to a game? I was wondering if someone could add the weedcraft inc cheats on the gog version of the game.

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There is already a dedicated team of testers, we won’t be moving away from that and allowing yo to boost games that aren’t in the queue. You can report issues with the trainer using the dialogue that shows up when the trainer closes.

Question about that- when i use the trainers for the first time, i would get that dialogue which you mentioned. But after you’ve played the game for a few times, that dialogue no longer appear again. Is there a way to use that feature if the trainer need updating? (Since that dialogue isn’t popping up when you need it)

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It only shows up when you use cheats you haven’t used previously or after a game update. Other than that, you will need to post in the trainer’s discussion.