Number lock Indicator

Hello there.

I have a minor, simple suggestion, if I may.
A small feature in the WeMod software that indicates if we have number lock turned on or not.

Bear with me - My gaming laptop, in particular, does not have a little light that indicates whether my number lock is turned on or off. Which is something I didn’t actually notice until after it was purchased. :man_facepalming:
This means that it’s a bit of a guessing side-mini-game whether the number lock is on or off when it comes to activating cheats on WeMod when those cheats are set to use the number pad (by default or by preference. I prefer using the number pad as I might accidentally hit the F# keys when using the regular number keys below them to, for example, switch weapons).

Several trainers I have used in the past - made by certain other people which shall not be named but who I no longer use because WeMod is better - had this feature on them.

It’s just a small, very minor feature for us fools :crazy_face: who have bought gaming laptops or computer keyboards which, for some reason, don’t come with a number lock on/off indicator.

Thank you and have an awesome day!


I’ll pass this on :slightly_smiling_face: