"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when extracting


I can extract save files from my USB fine but whenever I go to extract a game (NXE or GOD format) I get this message. I’ve tried installing this game to two different USBs from my Xbox and running Horizon as admin but I get the same result every time. Any fixes?

Dont think you can use horizon for games. Saves will work but not games
Need rgh or jtag for that

Yes. I’m aware. I tried to avoid mentioning my RGH because I thought it was against the rules? I have extracted games from Horizon multiple times before with success but it just suddenly stopped working

Bumping this as I’m still having the issue and haven’t found a fix for it.

What exactly are you trying to open in Horizon? All Xbox Files should open in the package manager and display whatever it maybe, profile, save, game etc etc… LIVE files can’t be edited, although I don’t think that’s what that error is saying.

You can mention RGH mate, just nothing along the lines of piracy.

So I install a game from a disc using the regular dashboard installation tool onto my USB. In order for games to run correctly on my RGH they need to be in GOD format since I’m installing them from a different console that is unmodded (my RGH disc tray is all sorts of screwed up). So to convert these games (and just to back them up onto my PC in case I lose them or something goes wrong) I need to extract them using Horizon. Problem is when I go to do that I get the message seen above. This used to work perfectly fine and I have extracted NXE games in the past with no errors.

Hmm no idea what will cause that error tbh mate, but have you ever tried Nxe2God? I know you wish to backup your games, but you can always back them up un God format for future use.

That’s exactly why I need Horizon. For some reason NXE2GOD has trouble reading my games unless I extract them and then re-add them to my USB through Horizon.

If you aren’t already, make sure you’re using version 1.2 of nxe2god. It was updated to be able to read games installed to external usbs, as well as internal hard drives.

*Credit to Sensi420 from www.xpgamesaves for the link