For almost the entirety of my pro membership, i have seen the objectives list on the right side of the app when its opened, but have had 6/7 Objectives completed. It shows Ive joined the community. It shows Ive left feedback. It shows Ive secured my account. It shows Ive added an email for notifications. It shows Ive changed my profile image. It shows that Ive set my Username. This sits me at 6/7 objectives. The remaining objectives, it will not complete. I have repeatedly in the last year or so tried to get them to do so. It still shows that I need to subscribe to your Youtube (which Ive done, then unsubscribed when it didnt check off the objective. It shows I need to follow you on Twitter, which admittedly I have not done as I dont have Twitter. It says to like you on Facebook, which I have also done, undone, and done again (three or four times) trying to get it to work. It then says to join you on discord. Thats another I cant do, as I dont use Discord. However for the last ~year~, Ive shown only 6/7 objectives complete. Please let me know why this is, and has anyone else had this issue? Thank you.

Socials are not completable objectives. The last one will have a checkbox to it and is probably to join our discord and link your account. If you don’t use Discord then you will not be able to complete all 7.

Umderstood. Thanks for your reply.