Oblivion Test Hall Location

:Dokay so this might be a little to old and most people already know this but i was messing around with the locations on the oblivion mod tool and i have happened to find the testing hall :stuck_out_tongue:
but ill also happen to find a place where its essentially the inside of what seems to be a vampires house and theres a vampire lurking between 2 beds inbetween these beds are two tombstones one which makes you vampire and the other giving you a vampire spell :sunglasses:
you then walk downstairs and the wooden door leads to the testing hall this is a good way to get the deadric armour within seconds just find the armour room and search the tables this would also apply with the weapons and clothing well to appear in the room change your location to : 3DB92:D your Y axis to :1932.375000000,:smiley: your X axis to : 1823.990000000 :smiley: and your Z axis to : 7162.773000000:D hope this helps :thumbsup:
the extra stuff ----> i also happen to come across another room which is essentially a room full of boxes and each box has every single item of that type i.e every book and if you have Shivering Isles you will also be abled to get all the armor pieces and everything else a great box to open would be the SE key box(Shivering Isles) and the original all key box it would help on alot of quests if youre wondering how to exit the testing room and back to say the imperial city you go to the doors in the middle of the room and find the door leading to a place begining with hawk (cant remember actual name) you would then get approached by a fake guard either say go to jail or pay the gold he will say ur items will be confiscated but they arnt so you would then have to fast travel to imperial city beware though once you leave the hall you would need to go put the location back on the save through the editor as there isnt a direct portal happy Moding :smiley:

Nice, i need to get Oblivion again. That game is soo fun.

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Thanks, I was trying to get there the other day and i didn’t know the codes.

Nice post it’s good for the β€œNew” Oblivion modders =P

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I need to upload the coordinates for the bruma testing facility where you get the mace of doom

orighty that the one for the abandon mine cause i done that one with the horizon tech but i was look for is this one TestBrumaHouseInt 0001540D Bruma House Test

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