Official Battlefield 1 Discussion

So DICE just announced and showed their latest upcoming game at it’s world premier: “Battlefield 1”.

I’m really hyped for it now. Especially since it’s going back to World War 1. It will be refreshing from the more recent released games which are either modern or set in the future.

What are your hopes and/or things you are looking forward too? I call dibs on a shovel to the face!!

EDIT: A link to the official trailer…

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as long as they don’t overdo the younger kid appeal I think it’ll be sweet. If they go in the direction hardline went with the overdone, unrealistic camo customization and the less seriousness, it won’t be good. I want it to be a military shooter. Not a piece of poop kids game

is it weird that I have a boner?

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If you’re in a room with other guys then yes. Otherwise, you’re good.

I’m alone so I’m good, I have tissues for later too…

When your mom walk in the door, i guess you switch to porn because thats easier to explain.

I would definitely buy it if it was a trench-based shooter. Hopefully it won’t be loaded with sci-fi steampunk crap like blimp warships.

I’m not so sure I like the idea of horses in the game. I think just having “retro” motorcycles would suffice.

I’m pretty excited for it but I think they need to learn to count

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Microsoft did the same thing with xbox one. Maybe it sells? Soon we will see a iphone one, with an os where everything is spelled wrong and it automatically charges you every time you use the bathroom. Y2,016K is real. There is no escape.

Just feel this fit in here

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Some more videos and info have been uploaded. I have updated the first post to include them.