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My update crapped out at halfway and told me to reinsert the disc, so i hit eject and close it tried reading the disc and threw the same warning, i then turned it off and on and now it does not try to update, but works fine with no signs of messing up

just got mine 5min ago

are you LIVE update or DISC?

idk i never put it in yet

Finally got mine. x| the case it comes in is total ****, mine was broken. >.> updating my xbox now then going to play some reach.

hes in the disc update. He said he never got an update for live.

weird >.< i guess just weird different discs

what does that mean tho

LIVE is the group that recieved the update through Xbox LIVE and DISC is the people who got the update through the disc :smile:

oh, ok thanks

The beta disk is only .1GB bigger (after install) then the old halo.

:smiley: really?


Not sure which disc you got, but I just started Reach and I do not have the maps.

i got mine (: but i dont play reach much

I am in disk trial and It only show the maps in the game, I saw it when I went to custom games.

That made no sense, but I’m not gonna sit here and argue with you.

OT: I don’t see any differences… Thanks for the free Reach disc, Microsoft… I guess…

What I wanted to say was that I am in the “Disk” Beta Not “Live” Beta. I noticed the maps when I went to custom game in halo reach. when I was in custom game I went to go select a map there were 5 new maps. (never had the Map packs)