Official Xbox New Experience Discussion

This is a thread to discuss everything related to the 2011 fall Preview. All other threads will be deleted, no questions asked.


So did beta invites already go out?

Why not put this in Diamond…
Any XBL PET or member can easily see this thread, and ban all gamertags linked by leaking info… O_o’
Even diamond isn’t safe nowadays, though…

How do you guys think YouTube will be? and Cloud Storage? Can’t wait for it
Stevie. This is all publicly released info. However we aren’t allowed to post pics or post videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Because we aren’t posting GT. This is for talk about previews before the actual update. Once that comes out, if you elect to post pictures and details fine it is your problem not ours.

I sadly have a feeling we will have to purchase more room for cloud storage, as we will have a limit.

Just got some update… ¿?

Lol hasn’t been released yet.

2 weeks till further info??? hmmmm worth the wait!!!

No lol, that is the preupdate. They will have to contact you for your console info

k. I was just wondering I don’t keep track of video game software updates.

You should be a little more ontop of things :stuck_out_tongue:

Well my gamertag is xFEAR Chaotic lol ban me ( not really my gt). BTW when do we get this update?

Totally… I heard it gets the girls :wink:

First they’re going to want your console information, which will be on the Connect website.

i got *****es on my **** and i play every day, get some? xD

:laughing: i just spit my chocale milk all over my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

i can not wait for this update for youtube!

Okay this “Pre Update” is taking literally FOREVER.

The update is coming in Nov. 25th-ish.
We’re lucky we get to get in, so be happy.

Wait has the beta already started? I signed up.