Official Xbox One 2TB external drive launches this month

[/img]Your Xbox One is brimming over with content. Catch the overflow in a shining green chalice.

Microsoft has announced the first official 2TB external drive for Xbox One, following on from the April firmware update supporting just such hardware.

Destructoid reports the USB 3.0 external HDD will go for $110 in the US, and is releasing later this month.

Although this is the official peripheral, it’s ben produced in partnership with Seagate.


Price isn’t all that bad considering it’s a so called “official” product, and being a portable 2.5" USB 3.0 drive.
I’d probably still find myself a comparable WD if I was in the market for one, and save a good $20+.

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Both my Seagate HDDs still work great for my Consoles after very long time. The box is misleading though add-on for both Xbox One & 360? Unless they are talking about formatting 1TB to the Xbox 360 first then just plug and play for the Xbox One

Go to best buy or amazon and you can get a WB 4T My Book for $20 more and it works even better and you will have space for pretty much everything you want

Support for 2TB external drives on 360 has been available since April 30th, if I’m correct. It might have been available slightly later for non-preview members, but I remember it coming shortly after the announcement was made.

I’ve been in the beta since whenever it was announced. But the box makes it sound like you can use it for both systems but from my understanding the 360 uses a different format so I was trying to piece together how that would be possible lol