Offline Achievment Unlocking

Hey all, hope you’re well!

It’s been 8 years since my 360 was last even turned on. I played about with mods back in the day with no issues, offline only if course.

My plan was to download the gamertag from the 360, add a bunch of games and add all (offline) achievements before reconnecting to LIVE and letting it all sync up.

Chance of being flagged must be zero right? I’m thinking I could add at least 50k which I (clearly) worked very hard to achieve over 8 years of being ‘offline’.

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I would be very careful if you are going to add offline achievements in big bundles. As if you have been playing Xbox One online. Log off and jump on to a 360 with a load of achievements popping. They will think something is sus. So i would be careful.

I would just set achievements from the last time you played the games and spread them out over the days months and years like i did with the halo games.

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Hey All,

I have been trying to unlock some old 360 games, however when I load my profile on the 360 after rehasing and resigning and obviously modding the games - my gamerscore often goes to 0.
I double checked the modded games on my profile and it shows I did not unlock any achievements from them, but when I check the achievements for a specific game it shows they are indeed unlocked…
Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

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Try redownloading your profile. Some times profiles can glitch and not sync correctly