OMG. I can't even

I don’t even know how to properly describe what the hell is happening right now.

I first started my Wemod account last year. Not sure entirely how long but I have at least one PW reset email still cluttering my old Emails dated March 2018. I was using the Username TheRedFear. Went pro. Accumulated over 10K wepoints over time. Turned them in for tokens, etc, etc.

A few months ago, I noticed some issues logging in but eventually I got back in and everything more or less seemed normal. My settings were all the same. Whatever. Sometime afterwards i noticed for some peculiar reason my username had changed to “nanoBug”. By the time this happened i’d re-accumulated 3500 wepoints under this new name i’d never noticed I now had. It was Weird. But again, all my settings were the same. A couple of nights ago I attempted to login to a discussion and then it all went to hell.

I could not login. It would not accept my username or password. When I put in my email address it would not recognize my email address(which still has that old PW reset from march of last year in it’s old mail folder, proving I was putting in the right Email. ). I opened the Wemod app itself and logged out as nanoBug and attempted to log back in. No dice. I hit “switch user” thinking I maybe had somehow created multiple user IDs for myself and was promptly logged back in under a completely new name, with all my wepoints gone, but all my game settings still saved.

I tried to go back to the discussion forums and even though I couldn’t get into them on internet Explorer, I could somehow hit my account settings which even showed me my post history and confirmed and showed old posts I made under my original “TheRedFear” ID…except one of them now showed as if i’d posted it as “nanoBug”. Except the very same post right under it in which somebody had quoted me…the quote showed they were quoting “TheRedFear”.

Then I couldn’t seem to load those pages properly anymore and I hit “SwitchUser” again trying to figure out if I had somehow failed to notice I was using multiple usernames and landed myself yet another new ID. Which I then changed back to “TheRedFear” and confirmed my Email so that “TheRedFear” username I am posting this under right now is NOT the original “TheRedFear” username I started out with, and god only knows what the hell happened to the “nanoBug” ID and all the tokens and wepoints that name had accumulated.

I am so far beyond confused to the point i’m questioning my own sanity right now, and have no idea how…if at all…I could recover the wepoints and tokens I had under my original ID and the nanoBot ID…or how the hell any of this happened to begin with. I’m not even sure if I still have Pro at this point. I had to go through two different browsers just to find one that would even let me view this discussion forum, which was also never a problem until now.

What the hell is going on here?

Hello there!

Forgive me for asking, but are you 100% without a shred of any doubt certain that nanoBug isn’t your main account? The nanoBug account was registered in July 2017 and last posted here in the forum in January 2019.
Whereas TheRedFear doesn’t seem to have been registered at WeMod until yesterday (26th Feb 2020). Double-check the spelling of the username in the password reset email that you found.

Try this:

  1. Launch WeMod. Make sure you are logged out of any account.
  2. Back on the login screen, press the “Forgot Password?” button.
  3. A browser window will open. Enter your email address. If you’re not sure what email address you used, try all that you have. You’ll be notified on the page if the email is registered or not.
  4. Go to the successfully enteree email address and reset the WeMod password via it.
  5. Log in WeMod normally.

Please, please, please, please - for the love of all things holy and unholy - stop using Internet Explorer. It is so atrocious that even its creator, Microsoft, has abandoned it and refuses to provide customer support to anybody using it. Because it has been abandoned it no longer gets updates and is therefore incompatible with many modern websites and it is also a severe security risk to your PC and personal details. These alternatives are better, faster and safer:

Another option you can try is contacting support here: so that they can look deeper into the accounts than we regular forumers can do. However, they probably won’t tell you the email addresses associated with the accounts for privacy reasons. Try attaching a screenshot of the old password recovery email you mentioned to the email.

Definitely sure my original name was TheRedFear. Go to the trainers for the game “Yakuza 0”. Pick the one by STN and check out the discussions thread for it. You’ll notice several posts under the name nanoBug(again i have absolutely no clue how my name changed to nanoBug).

On one of those posts you’ll notice a joke I made in February of 2019 about how i’d sell everyone’s soul for a particular kind of cheat I wanted in that game. That post also shows as if it was done by nanoBug, However directly under that post my joke was quoted by the moderator “Instinct”. And his quote shows that joke was originally posted under the name TheRedFear. This new account was only created when all attempts to recover TheRedFear(AND several seperate attempts to recover nanoBUG) failed. The reason I used “TheRedFear” on this one was because i wanted to see if it would even let me, or if it would say that name is already taken.

And again, my old email folder still has within it an old PW reset from 2018 proving that despite the PW recovery system refusing to recognize that email, it is indeed the email that should have been attached to TheRedFear/nanoBug(which i now suspect were the same account, though how the name and email asocciated with it changed remains a mystery to me)

Ya nanobug was created on July 13 , 2017.
Last post was March 16th 2019. I see no ip address for this one
And it shows you did have pro with that account

The redfear was just made a day ago. And I see an ip address for that one

You(or someone with access to your account) change the username from TheRedFear to nanobug, in fact it was changed to a random number before nanobug. The username was never changed back to TheRedFear.

Yes your account is still Pro and it is associated with a hotmail email. If you need further information you will need to send an email to

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