Online Minecraft Skin Viewer

Well, basically i got bored and wanted to learn HTML5 Canvas stuff. This will be used for another project that will be released soon involving skins and XboxMB :smile:

Simply replace USERNAME with your Minecraft username.

Please note that username’s are case sensitive.

Minecraft Skin

Also note that this requires a browser that supports WebGL and obviously canvas.

Works great! Only thing is, the legs like move off of the characters body as it walks.

[details=Open Me]


Kierrato is my username…[/details]

EDIT: You got it :smile: Nice job ■■■■■■■, I mean Austin.

Thanks but,

Am I using a wrong browser, btw, it’s Google Chrome.

chrome you have to refresh the page twice if you’re just changing the hash for some reason.

You forgot the pound before the username.

take the # sign off then load it you should get a error then just put the # sign back in and it should load

this is awesome man

Still nothing Austin,

Minecraft Skin

Just blank for me.

Works fine for me. What version of chrome are you using?

Damn, this is ****ing awesome!

edit: got it t work. :smiley:

IDK, lol, I tried on Internet Explorer, now i’ll try Mozilla.

None of my browsers work.

Can you just post my img url in the OP please?


You have to highlight over the link then press enter, repeat if it doesn’t work.

Minecraft Skin


In chrome press CTRL + SHIFT + J and tell me what the console says.

Error creating WebGL context.
Three.js:276Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘clearColor’ of null

Null? WTF.

Chrome is most likely out of date for you.

K, going to redownload now.


Will try later when I am not on Ubuntu.

Who owns anyways?

Nice to meet you :smile:

i own YourGamerCard.Net