Online RGH. Black Ops and MW3 Modded lobbies

On the 22nd of this month I will be off for the weekend, And getting paid. This means I will have a lot of money. So going to spend some on a weekend of XBLS (Xbox Live Stealth). I know some people will say it is a waste so please don’t comment saying so.

How It Will Work

On the Friday I will do Black Ops 1 recoveries

On the Saturday I will do Modern Warfare 3 recoveries

On the Sunday I will host whatever you people want. So comment what you like.



No spamming me with messages to get in.

Do not message me until at least THURSDAY night.

Please leave when you are max prestige

I will only be posting this on this site. I will not invite people you have to join.

I don’t mind paying for XBLS but if this goes well I may buy it more often to help members or just for fun. If you would like to help feel free to donate through PayPal. Just PM me for my email

I vote MW2 zombies for Sunday :smiley:

(The Quarantine Chaos Zombie one with all the cool ****)

Edit: Or a bit of CoD4 Cod Jumper or Promod, always fun.

Im game for this.

Reason I’m posting this early is cause I’m working a lot the next week so wont have time.

If you want certain mods/game types please try find the or mod menu for it and post a link. Will save me a LOT of time

CoD4 lobby. Or perhaps other games?

I may host a cod 4 on sunday. I have a really good mod menu for that. Same as WaW

I’ve got one for ya, I’ll send it through aim. I apologize for not having the default_mp.xex though. I’ve got a black ops 1 mod menu, I think you’ll like it :wink:

Can you host those old zombie games for MW2? I used to love them and haven’t played them in years.

This is legend, Call of Duty WaW for Sunday.

you find a an xex for it I will.

Anything people want and post links I will host for them

If you cannot find a zombie exe I can get you one.

MW2 zombies would be absolutely amazing.
They used to be the **** back in the day.

XP for black ops 1 ?

You would be my hero!

I want 15th prestige so might as well help others

You a boss man:):thumbsup: +10

There is no custom zombie mode “modifications/patches” for newest TU, so dont wait for that.

I thought there was a zombie mode, What happened?

Probably got patched and now there isn’t one for TU7/8

There was, and still is, but its for TU6.

Oh ok,I thought TU/7 had one, Oh well.