Only Up! Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Only Up!
This is the official discussion topic of the Only Up! Trainer and Cheats in the WeMod app. Please post any suggestions, bug reports, or praise that you may have for the cheats in here!

Download Trainer

Download the trainer or find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. Game Speed
2. Slowdown Falling Speed
3. Set Jump Height Multiplier
4. Set Air Control Multiplier


Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 06/22/2023
    Started development

  • 06/22/2023
    Released trainer with 4 cheats

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The Only Up! cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 4 cheats
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ho do i set the jump height do i have to get pro to click set or is there a different way?

@Idk_bro You can press Numpad 2 to increase the number, and Ctrl+Numpad 2 to decrease the number.

when i do it the number goes up but nothing happens

None of the “mods” work

Hi, mod works fine.

Are you using a crack version?

I want to adjust the jump height and character movement speed multipliers in decimal

i want to fine tune
Is it possible?

@pien Yes, with Pro you can type any number you want. With or without decimals.

just attempted to launch the mods but wemod is having trouble locating the game. out the execution file in as custom and still says it can’t find the game.

Did you purchase the game from Steam?

as far as i knew that was the only place it was available.

won’t be uninstalling it as i’d never get it back.

but thought you guys would like to know since it said install game when i still had it installed and giving the path for the game’s exe file didn’t help.

there is something not right with this mod, just tells me to install the game even tho i did true the wemod launcher after uninstalling the game just to make sure its not my end.
yes its bought true steam

Edit; got it added by doing it manually, but now it just says we’re having trouble starting or finding your opened the game. even tho i launch it true wemod.