Original games and JTAG/RGH

I just bought XBOX 360 with slim JTAG/RGH(don’t know if that’s the proper way to write it but that’s how it is on the site)last Tuesday and it was suppose to arrive within 2 days.
I spoke tho the store manager on Thursday and he said Sunday and now I spoke to him and he said that his son was sick so he couldn’t go to work and I’ll get the console on Tuesday/Wednesday and as a compensation he’ll send me 2 original games.

My question is this-The console itself was obviously modified in order to run non-original games(I’m trying to put this as delicately as possible)so you can’t go online.
can I go online If I’m playing original games on a JTAG/RGH console?

BTW-sorry if someone already asked this question. I tried searching for something similar but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance.

probably got scammed and original games like Xbox classics or legit copies. either way an rgh can run normal games fine. just cant go online. and no. you will not be able to go online at all

  1. The only exploit to work on the slims is RGH and RGH 2.0. So it’s not a JTAG.

  2. Unless you have dual or triple nands on that badger, you won’t be playing online. If you try to connect with a modified nand/kernal whatever, you’ll be insta-banned.

Dual nand consoles are designed to have a modified system and a retail system in one. The nand swaps between a clean retail version and RGH using a switch or something. This costs more if you’re buying one though. You’d probably know about it if you have that.

Oh ok thank you:D
And he said I can pick whatever game I want…no restrictions. still don’t know what to choose:)

Sounds to me like he flashed the drive then? Or he must have an extensive collection…

It’s a legit store(in spite of everything I wrote:lol:)and they sell all consoles+accessories so they also have all the new games.

Guys what about NTSC games?
The console says PAL and I want a certain game but I can’t find a region free version only NTSC.
Does the RGH enables you to play NTSC games?

Is it a flashed drive?

Sorry I’m kinda new to the whole lingo.
Flashed=able to read burned games? because if it is then the answer is yes.
It’s LT 3.0+RGH…that’s at least what it says on their site.

Then you can play any region game you want. I also have a dual nand RGH LT3.0

Link us to the site and we may be able to better help you.

RGH is a modified console to which you can run homebrew content, and LT3.0 is only needed to play burnt games.

It’s in Hebrew so I don’t know how much you’ll be able to draw from it.
I ordered the LT 3.0 but they called me back and said that they have one with LT 3.0 and RGH for the same price and asked me if I wanted this one.
I currently don’t have an external hard drive so I’m only going to use the burnt DVDs.
So I can play NTSC games if I burn them and use the DVD instead of the RGH?

With LT3.0, all you can use are burned games, but I wouldn’t invest into a flashed 360 without first doing your research because finding the appropriate burner can be a pain. RGH allows you to play from the external (or internal) HDD, and is easier if all you intend on doing is playing games offline.

Actually more recently it’s become A LOT less of a pain with the release of C4eva’s BurnerMAX Payload tool, it allows more drives including the B,C, & D Models of iHas drives. Magical.

You can’t use just any burner? what the hell?

after searching for answers
Well that sucks…all the new games are XGD3 and from what I understand you need a specific burner which I don’t have. I already ordered a bunch of verbatim cds which are now useless.
I’ll check to see how much an external HDD costs…hopefully not too much=\

what about Transcend StoreJet 25M3 500GB 2.5’’ External Hard Drive USB 3.0? any good? can I use it for my XBOX?

Just wanted to say thank you for you advice.
I found a list with reportedly working/not working and mine seems to be on the working list(TSSTcorp SH-222AB ). I hope it works because if it doesn’t then I can’t take them back to the store and get a refund which was my plan.

All I need is my burner, a Verbatim dual layer and the software? just so I’m sure. It will enable me to burn XGD3 games right?

Yes, also do not forget to run games through ABGX which verifies to make sure the game has good topology data and it’s not corrupt.

Also why couldn’t you take it back to the store?

Yeah I already ran it through abgx360. Some were perfect and some had little glitches but it said that the autofix took care of it. I ran it a second time(after the fix)and abgx360 said it was fine.

I can’t take them back because you can’t take something back if you opened it. I know most people open and return but in general that’s the store policy.

I want to burn all the really good games like NBA 2K13, UFC Undisputed 3, Madden 13, Ncaa Football 13, F1 2012, Fight Night Round 4 and so on and so on so I really hope this works and I didn’t just waste my money.

I’m gonna be the dick here and just say it, just tell them it didn’t work, tried burning DVDS and nothing

Obviously if it came to that I’ll lie…It’s kinda my superpower but you’re not suppose to use your powers for evil:lol:

I just hope everything goes well with the software.
Will I know before the burning process begin whether or not it will be a success?