Original Xbox Error 07 | Fixable?

I just recently purchased an Original Xbox and It seems to not be working properly. Every time I turn it on It comes up with Error 07 Screen with “Service required. Call Customer Support”

Sorry for the bad picture of the error I couldn’t get my capture card working with the Original Xbox. Anyway, I googled this problem and it says error 07 most of the time is the

IDE cable is not properly connected. Please reattach the ide cable. Not only to the harddisk drive but also to the dvd drive. ALso try to reconnect the ide cable to the motherboard.

Press pretty hard so it goes all the way in. Make sure it is seated straight and proper in the drives and the motherboard. If you still have an error 7. Try another ide cable. If that won’t work try another harddisk. If there is still no go, try to set the jumpers on the rearside of the harddisk drive. Set it to master or cable select…


So knowing that I opened up the xbox and disconnected and reconnected the IDE cable and to my astonishment it worked… for a little bit…

My question I have is does anyone know a way to fix this permanently. I don’t want to have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the IDE cable just to play a game.

Also I know this seem stupid that I’m posting this. Most of you will probably say just go buy another one there cheap, but I just wanted to see if I could fix it. I don’t know.

Thanks for reading this far…


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Hmm, I remember mine always getting this. I can’t remember how I fixed it though :L I know I never opened it.

Ya, I have read that you can reset the xbox to factory settings with a unique code but I don’t know what mine is. :worried: You have to call Microsoft support and ask for the code but I don’t think they have a support team for the Original Xbox anymore. I think I may have to buy another one that works. :anguished:

The code is different for every Xbox and from what I can see there is no obvious way to figure out what the code is. The code does exist and may solve problems on some of the Xboxes out there. If you can get to the system status screen you should be able to enter the code.

What is it really? Some sort of software reset. It will blank out your saved games and blow away any saved songs. This is sometimes useful for consoles with error 07 that occurs after boot up (i.e. you can get to system info) and possibly other errors… Source

What were you doing prior to getting this error code? Also, try using a different IDE cable from a spare computer to see if that’s the issue. Original Xbox errors are always tricky.

I was doing nothing. I turned my Xbox on and it appeared. I googled the error and read that it was because of the IDE cable not being connected properly. So I opened the xbox, cleaned it up a bit, disconnected and reconnected the IDE cable and now it will boot up the dash board but it’s rare when it happens. I usually have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the IDE cable just to get to the dashboard / play a game.

I wish I had a spare computer so I could replace the IDE cable. I usually just recycle my old computers at best buy every time I get a new one.

just buy another cable. you can get them for like $5-$10. or better yet, go to a flee market/ swap meet and pick up a new console for $10-$20. I’ve bought 9 original xbox’s in 2 weekends and a flee market before since they were so cheap. they’ll probably start off at like $30-$35 but it’s so easy to get them down. especially when they’re trying to sell just the console and no cords or controllers. then if you want you can just take that IDE cable and switch it

edit: didn’t see you just bought it. if you want you can have one of mine hats soft modded. just pay for shipping

edit 2: just buy the cable. it’ll be cheaper

Just pay for Shipping? OK! I’ll buy it if you let me :smile: but ya buying a cable would be cheaper and I don’t think you wanna sell your modded xbox.

Also, I’m afraid the error might be more then just the IDE cable. Some other website say the Error 07 happens when your HDD times out so I’m not sure. I think the best thing to do is buy another Xbox that works 100% then buying a cable that may not work.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.

Why not get a JTAG/RGH xbox if you wanna play the Classics ?

I’m an Xbox fan boy. I collect Xbox stuff. I have to many Original Xbox games and I would rather have the actual console.

I like that you collect Xbox Stuff but most of its servers like on Halo 2 you cant play . A jtag comes handy like on XBConnect you can play with your friends . Xlink Kai sucks . You can copy those XB games and play it. The only problem will be that it costs more than the older Xbox though its not much of a problem for me .

Old is gold but sometimes it isn’t.

You can play Halo 2 online with an Original Xbox buy connecting your Xbox into your router, connecting your router into your computer, and then downloading XBConnect.

don’t know, I’m sure it’s easier / better your. I just want a working Original Xbox for many reason. (Relive My Child Hood)

I don’t mind getting rid of it. like I said I have quit a few. and soft modding is the most simple thing ever. more simple than playing a game on the console haha. just need a game save and the game and it’s pretty much done. also original Xbox is better than a jtag/RGH when it comes to things like xbconnect and xlink since you can use a retail and connect across the states no problem, while a 360 needs the 30ms ping patch that can only be out on if the console is RGH/jtag. best a retail 360 could do is within that state, even then it’s laggy as hell

Awesome Thank You! and ya that’s what I thought! Orginal Xbox’s are just so cool! Can’t wait to play some of my old games that aren’t backwards compatible for my Xbox 360. :thumbsup:

The 30 MS ping patch is really easy to activate , it only takes one minute to patch it :\

I’ve never ever got xlink to connect to my original xbox, it’s so annoying --…–

XBConnect’s userbase is usually weak. While you can get online and play a game if you’re patient, there’s a select number of people to play with.

I’ll probably end up trying both to see which one I like better. Thanks for the info. I hope I get one of them working.

Hey, its been a while since someone replied to this. I have the same problem this guy had, but its something wrong with the HDD. Do you still have a console sitting around to give? I only need the console, no cables.