Outdated Trainers

Hey Wemod Fam!
So this programm is free to use and if I weren’t a student I’d subscribe to pro immediately, I really don’t want to whine around or blame anybody. However I would highly appreciate if you could maybe work more on updating trainers than making new ones. There are new trainers coming out all the time and if I could affort to buy games a lot, I’d really enjoy all these trainers released for new fancy Tripple-A games. However for the games that you guys have already made trainers for, updates aren’t coming regularly. Many of the trainers I would like to use are outdated and therefore I have to wait and wait…

Here is just a small list of trainers I would love to be updated (I know that you are informed about wich games are not compatible with the trainers from the app but I’d just like to show my personal desires) :

-Assassin’s Creed 3

-Call Of Duty WW2

-Far Cry 5

-Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

-Payday 2

-Red Faction : Guerilla (Remastered)

-Tekken 7

-Total War: Rome 2

-Cuphead (only flight missions, maybe thats just not possible)

-Yakuza 0

-Left For Dead 2

Keep it up people! :slight_smile:

Half of the games on the list update to often and just ends up wasting the creatores time to update the trainers. Blame the game makers

Well my trainers you mentioned are

Ac3 is up to date for steam
Cod ww2 has anticheat, trainer is up to date though. Get a cracked version and it will work fine
Tekken 7 has so little users, i don’t think it’s worth it since it will be outdated again and no one uses version guard.
Read trainer notes for cuphead
Yakuza 0 - what’s broken?

As far as i am concerned, i went through 200 of my trainers updating them all expecting people to use version guard. Nobody did. I can keep updating them forever or make new trainers, the latter is more fun and doesn’t make me wanna puke as much

why so rude?

i do use version guard

He just said that they get updates too often for us to bother updating. It doesn’t make sense to update cheats for a game that is going to get another update in a week.

There are additional games besides the ones that STN mentioned that up-to-date. FC5, Payday2, Red Faction. Even if the game versions don’t match it doesn’t mean the cheats don’t work. Yes some games need to be updated but we have to decide which ones are still popular enough. We have limited disk space and limited bandwidth.


but payday 2 doesnt get updated a lot, tekken 7 doesnt either, left for dead not either too.

Tekken is not popular enough.
Left for dead does not recieve any game updates anymore and therefore does not need to get updated.

i would add Ser.Sam series. And as i can see you have PD2 in your list that doesn’t need to be updated. so everything else your wrote is also possibly unchecked fake

Payday 2 is coded in a way that it doesn’t need to be updated. Unknown reversed the games engine to create the cheats.

why is the payday 2 trainer outdated then?

also, i dont understand why everyone is so mad at me. i was very polite and i simply asked for more updates instead of new trainers since there are a lot of games that have been outdated for very long.

It isn’t outdated. No one is mad at you we just corrected your list where you say all of those are outdated when only a couple are.

you should tell us which options are “outdated” and attach the logs before stupidly saying “update everything”

I was not calling for certain trainers to be update. I only said that updating outdated trainers instead of adding news ones would please me. Thats it. So I dont need to add logs for particular trainers.

I updated almost all of my 200 trainers not long ago. And guess what they’re broken.

Why can’t you use Version Guard? It doesn’t cost anything and it allows you to play games. Game updates don’t fix anything anyway for majority of people, not the bugs that you notice anyway