Outpost: Infinity Siege Cheats and Trainer for Steam

try going to history and latest version mine didnt auto switch it was still on the 4/3 ver when I switched everything is fine now.

Dont know if this has been asked but is infinite turret ammo possible, would love that until I get ammo fully automated anyway, great trainer as always Fling TY.

is there a way to unlock all paints with this?

Any way to auto-unlock all blueprints so we can play the damn game as the trailers showed from the start? XD

Sick of grinding for the right gen of map and never getting it, it’s frustrating af. ya boy wants his 406mm.

i agree! and thank you

can we add infinite resuarge points as wel as unlock all blueprints

the infinite researge points doesnt work number is high but you cant researge anything

As some others have asked;
• Inf Turret ammo?
• Inf Outpost Component HP?


I second this.

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Hi, Love the cheat thanks a lot ! There is a update to the game happening today and after it, some of the cheat doesn’t work anymore, if you have time can u check it please ? thanks <3

Certain functions such as Super Damage and Damage Multiplier have ceased to function.

May be more broken.

Infinite HP, Stamina, Ammo, No Reload, No Recoil & Set Shooting Speed still work.

Edit Mats, Power & Core Outpost still work.

The Outpost: Infinity Siege cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Is it possible to add unlock all things without blueprint? i’m sick of doing runs for a single blueprint that just isn’t showing up. having it unlockable by just pushing a button would be nice.

Tip: blueprints don’t “not spawn”. They have set maps they spawn on. maps you can look up.

yes but you need that specific map to show up which isn’t happening :smiley:

Seems to all be back working again :smiley:

To add to this, It’s really not hard to find the blueprints, you can go to the Research center and talk to Victor, He’ll tell you in which zone blueprints are.
If you modify the outpost value to have enough energy to do scanning
(you can do this by clicking the outpost in command mode and hitting Z)
and equip scan gloves for the areas beyond the outpost scan range it becomes childs play to find all the blueprints you need.
Sure it takes time, but realistically if your diligant and clear the whole map per Tour you should easily claim all the non storyline blueprints as you clear each difficulty of the zone.

thank you for this mod

It isn’t easy to find the BP especially if you have to return to each zone. Pressing Z doesn’t help.

Well selecting the outpost in command menu and then pressing Z would help since that minimizes exploration time by using the scan feature of the outpost which highlights within a radius of the outpost all the items in range for a certain duration of time.
You can also extend that range and time of highlighted items by increasing the core output of the outpost.
And when they stop being highlighted just scan again.

Also your playing with a trainer, theres no difficulty for you to have only time consumption.
You can up your movement speed and just blitz through the zones.

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