Outpost: Infinity Siege Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I will show you how to find the BPs. If you haven’t finished the story and unlocked outpost components like the battery pack, then your core outpost hasn’t reached 10k. Use mods to increase it. Then, go to Steam Community, in the newbie guide section there is an article about finding BP. You need to use them in conjunction with Outpost’s scanning capabilities to find the exact location. The BP symbol has changed and there will be a blue triangle symbol at the BP’s location, so you just need to go to the correct map with the BP. The higher the Core Outpost, the farther the scanning range

Is it possible to adjust the number of materials and core outposts per activation to 1000? Late-level outposts consume hundreds of thousands of resources while in endless mode, and most late-level outposts easily reach 10k to 20k core outposts. New outposts have difficulty achieving this number, as if there are only 10 points per activation, it takes a long time to achieve. 10k is a nice number as the object scanning range covers most maps in Tour mode. Also, is it possible to add a magic split feature? If I remember correctly, holding down the Alt button divides the item. I need to increase the amount of fuel I carry when entering endless mode when they don’t have much in inventory to create more resources for the outpost because this is an item that gives a lot of resources when exchanged.

When you get around to the next update, could you throw infinite base ammo cheat in there too?