Outriders from Game Pass on Windows

I’ve seen that y’all have trainers for Outriders for Steam and Epic but not for Windows. Is there a chance to get a trainer for that version made as well especially since those who have game pass wouldn’t have to purchase a game that they could essentially get for free?

Trainers are only made if the game is popular enough on specific stores with WeModders.

If plenty of WeModders have the game on Windows Store, then a trainer will come in due course. Be fair warmed, however, that Windows Store is very unpopular.

And you do not own games that you play via the Game Pass subscription (and similar subscriptions like Uplay+), you’re only renting them, so technically they’re not free.

Hi. Has a trainer been released for Gamepass yet? Can’t seem to get mine to load. Thank you

I can’t seem to reply… but the game is listed but its not working

It should appear in the list of installed games on the left-hand side of the WeMod desktop app if the game is installed in your PC.