Outward Cheats and Trainer for Steam

You may have to manually add it, sometimes Wemod won’t detect games that are recently installed.

ok i’ll try.

I tried that. It didn’t help

Is it just not showing up in WeMod or is the trainer not working? For me I had to reinstall and manually add Outward to fix both issues.

the Unlimited Money cheat don’t work you have 999k money in your inventory but when you go to a shop to buy something your money is back to the same amount you had before you turned on the money cheat
even when you drop the money it says what you had before

needs an update.

Everything works fine in this mod still besides no item conditioning and zero weight. zero weight still works if you drop an item but no item conditioning just doesnt work period. Also during the defence of monsoon f will crash continuously unless you save right at completion then do the dialouge.

easycraft doesnt work since definitive edition release, other cheats can be finicky like unlimited weight but still work if you mess with it. anyways, thanks for the cheats my guy

Is there any way to “jury rig” this onto Definitive edition?

Wieso sind die Zeit Cheats weg?
Die fand ich sehr praktisch und hatte auch gut funktioniert.

Could we please get an update for this? It works for me on the definitive edition, but would like more options. Thanks!

Feel free to suggest some additional options. :slight_smile:
The trainer developer might not play this game themselves, so might not know what you’re thinking of.

An update more like the definitive version on wemod, and an option to increase breakthrough points. I use this version for The definitive edition since its been working more consistently.

This trainer will not be updated. If you are having issues with the definitive edition please create a post in the correct thread.

Trainer for Outward on steam not working. Am on mono branch and launching game from steam then hit play on WeMod. In game the moment I activate any cheat. My character dies instantly. Please update. Thanks

The Outward cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
  • Updated notes

The Outward cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
  • Updated notes
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Can we please get the time stop added to this trainer because it’s in the other one

some of these work on the mono branch Definitive Edition but only some like unlimited stamina zero skill cooldown unlimited item unlimited item durability easy crafting and unlimited money don’t work on the DE mono but the unlimited health hunger thirst Max sleep and body temperature do along with 0 weight so maybe we could make something for Definitive Edition or something it’s just a thought