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OVERKILL's The Walking Dead Cheats and Trainer for Steam


When I’m playing w


Too difficult of a question cant help.


The mods which add mission parts, 50 blueprints, medicine, scrap provisions and equipment is not working… some help @STiNGERR

  • Unlimited Mission Parts cheat added
  • Add 50 Blueprint cheat added
  • Add 50 Medicine cheat added
  • Add 50 Scrap cheat added
  • Add 50 Provisions cheat added
  • Add 50 Equipment cheat added

Those cheats does not works for me @STiNGERR!


I don’t think there was an update to the game after the mods were released so it should work. Read the notes. You first need to goto camp, then press the keys for the required mods, 2 or 3 times, open your vault note your values, press the keys lets say you want to add 150 provisions so press 3 times, leave your vault and then re-enter and you will see they are updated.


Yes! Already did exactly how you said, and nothing… but it is okay, the other cheats works fine. Thanks a lot @STiNGERR great work!


when I do missions like worse than walkers the health doesn’t work


i tried the unlimited silencer but it broke, the pic of the silencer looks full, any way to get it to work?



Hi, almost everyone works
the silencer after a while breaks even if the icon remains intact, even the unlimited health presents problems, takes you to the minimum and does not take longer.


There is a Problem with the Unlimited Stamina the game is crashing after using it


The trainer causes you to be unable to use ladders after a few minutes into the game.


does not stop you from using the stairs, they must solve the mods because it does not work, practically the other players when you are stuck on the stairs tivedono on the ground, your health you see it at most but it’s actually over, this also happens with the silencer you you still see it intact but it’s actually broken.


Any news on updates? Like the bug where after a while you can’t use any ladders and are stuck in a level, forcing you to restart. Also, when you disable for exaple god mode you still have it on for some reason, at least for me, when combined with "zombies do not attack (sidenote: is this possible for humans too or an option to reset horde meter/not let it fill?). Also, adding resources does not work since Overkill updated something on their end on the 15 November 2018. Looking forward to using again after some issues are resolved. Also related, any coder know how to read the position of the loot chests placed in each level from memory? I couldn’t figure it out, but am also very novice at this.


@STiNGERR Can you please add a option to level up our characters similar to unlimited skill points.

AKA just some weirdo


yes, this cheats do not work for me too


level up cheat would be an added advantage for this cheats


The OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


The update works good so far … seems like you got the “ladder climb bug” fixed! :slight_smile:

just the option “Unlimited Mission Parts” is broken / not working at all

edit : the ladder bug is still there …

when you look down, you can see that your character is turned the wrong way around … that might be why you cant climb some ladders


I found a code for ESP but I’m having trouble figuring out how to utilize it. Would it be of use to you? Some of my friends are using (paid) ESP to find the weapon boxes really fast.

//40 55 53 56 57 48 8D 6C 24 ? 48 81 EC ? ? ? ? 48 8B 05 ? ? ? ? 48 33 C4 48 89 45 E0
#define OFFS_VISIBLE 0x115A730
//48 8B 1D ?? ?? ?? ?? 48 85 DB 74 3B 41
#define OFFS_UWORLD 0x3DA4DF8
//40 53 48 83 EC 20 48 8B D9 48 85 D2 75 30 33 C0
#define OFFS_GETOBJECTNAME 0x12482A0
//48 89 5C 24 ? 48 89 74 24 ? 57 48 81 EC ? ? ? ? 41 0F B6 F9
#define OFFS_W2S 0x11D6260
//48 89 1D ?? ?? ?? ?? 48 8B 5C 24 ?? 48 83 C4 28 C3 48 8B 5C 24 ?? 48 89 05 ?? ?? ?? ?? 48 83 C4 28 C3
#define OFFS_GNAMES 0x3C98A98
//48 89 5C 24 ? 48 89 74 24 ? 57 48 81 EC ? ? ? ? F6 81 ? ? ? ? ? 48 8B DA GetBoneMatrix : ParentBoneIndex(%d) out of range of
#define OFFS_GETBONEMATRIX 0x112D050


ladder bug is definitely still there. Trying to do Join or Die on overkill on my own.