Overlay Issue

My overlay opens after I close and crashes game

Hello and welcome to the community!

Can you provide a few more details?

  • Which game and where is that game from?
  • Describe the exact sequence of events in order leading to the crash.
  • What error message do you get?
  • Can you provide an error log?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Forza horizon 5 on Xbox app runs fine after end overlay but about 10-15 minutes of playing the overlay opens itself up and game freezes

WeMod no longer supports Forza Horizon 5, as they have updated the game’s anti-cheat to crash the game when it detects any well-known trainers running in the background.

This includes WeMod and other competitors, who have also had to retire their trainers due to the updated anti-cheat.

When you say the WeMod overlay opens itself up, do you have WeMod running in the background at all?

No I end task on it and overlay in task manager

It opens when I get a notification for a achievement in game and crashes game