Owned and Trainer available suggestion

I’d like to request another category / section be added in the WeMod app (and yes I know, automatic categories / sections require additional coding). The category / section I’d love to see added would be one that allows me to see all of my owned games (for example on Steam), that have a trainer available for them. Like Steam’s list, I think a great secondary feature to that would be dark grey for games not installed, and lighter grey for those that are installed. My motivation behind such a request is that trainers, imho, can breathe a new lease on life to a game that does not have proper balance (sadly, too many games seem that way). So between a toss-up of never playing a game again or balancing it myself via a trainer, I’d rather balance it via trainer and eventually beat the game, tag the game in my Steam library as “beaten” and have it moved off my primary list in Steam :). Having a WeMod automatic category / section that sync’s with what games I own in Steam and sub-filtering that list by which ones have trainers (even if the trainer is for an older version – many times trainers for older version still work :slight_smile: ) would be amazing and help me get through my games list!

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Hello and thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

I recall this being suggested before. And I also reckon it might be a pretty cool thing to have, as it’ll mean not having to log into Steam, Epic, GOG, Uplay, etc to remind yourself of what games you have and then type them all into WeMod’s search box to see if they have trainers here.

Since it makes life easier, I believe this would most likely be a Pro member feature of it was ever implemented.

This is on the roadmap :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thanks!

Yeah, as of right now, I’ve been manually going and tagging each game in my Steam Library that has a trainer available, into my favorites, but it requires me to manually keep the list updated