oZealous Twitch Overlay


can i kiss it

No, but you can kiss me :wink:

Looks good, but shouldn’t it say ‘Stay Connected’ instead of ‘Stay Connect’?

Yes haha, I have the PSD still opened :stuck_out_tongue:

I Like it! Very sleek & clean. I Always sucked with overlays so this is pretty sexy.

Thank you, I have some experience with overlays, but this is a new style.

Looks great ! I am liking the style of this, it’s different from all the other overlays I have seen.

Nice work!

I got a challenge for you “nik”… I would love to see an overlay inspired by a theme of a helmet visor. Much like looking through eyes of the Master Chief or perhaps sitting inside a Titan or maybe even wearing Tony Stark’s ‘mobile tank suit’! Think you can attempt it?

This is a great idea ! I too challenge nick to do this !

I decided to have a go TR0Y, I’ll post a thread about it when I finish it.

Attempt it? Haha you mean create it, but when I am not busy :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual, is simple and clean.
…the only thing I’d remove is the “Subscribe for Updates.”
(For me, when it comes to watching a stream, I’ll subscribe or follow if the material or person is entertaining…I don’t need someone constantly reminding to subscribe because he feels as if it’s a necessity for me to do-so.)

Thanks for sharing!