Panzer Corps 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The game was already in the queue when you posted this. If you want a game’s trainer to be updated faster you can always boost it. Keep in mind how many trainers are on WeMod and the amount of work the modder’s go through to try and keep up with all the updates the game’s developers put out.

The trainer just up to date, you can try it.
You must run the game first (not the game launcher or it will disable the cheat immediately), then press play for the cheat to work.

not working, single player. Game version 1.2.0

Hola equipo, el trainer sigue sin funcionar correctamente, un saludo.

Steam version 1.02.01 Cheats 2,3 and 4 work, but not 5 or 6… Unlimited prestige, and unlimited slots. I cannot find a way other than disbanding a unit to sell it back either. I did not try 1… A note about unlimited movement… There is still a limit to how far you can go based on fuel stat for the unit. Additionally units can move 2 or 3 hexes. Then 2 or 3 more hexes. Until fuel limit is reached.

And I learned today there are cheat commands available via the chat dialog box. Maybe accessing these through the WeMod app would be a better way to implement this to PzC2.

Option 3 Unlimited Movement makes the planes move only 2 or 3 hexes as if they were ground units. Can move the planes unlimited times but only 2 or 3 hexes at a time. (I didn’t try options 5-6 so don’t know if they are working.)

Planes are still only moving 2 or 3 hexes at a time, making it difficult to use this trainer.

Just plain out broken in it’s current state.
Activating the cheats just turn them off immediately after activation.

After another 24 hours of testing, 2 cheats are still broken:
Unlimited Prestige and Unlimited Units still instantly turn off upon activation - broken
Unlimited movement isn’t exactly unlimited, which can lead to traffic jams. - Unintended
unlimited attacks can lose track of targets such as aircraft. Untargettable when in range. - Unintended / bug
Unlimited ammo and health function as intended. - Status Green

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Update: everything has broken yet again.
It seems very hard for the trainer to actually be stable, as if the patches are being rushed…

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Cheats won’t stay active they won’t stay activated.

Can we get an update on this? It hasn’t been updated in almost a year and virtually all the options are broken.

The Panzer Corps 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

It will be available for Xbox ? :roll_eyes: :frowning_face:


No, this is a piece of software that runs trainers, aka, an application. Unless you’re a professional modder who can jailbreak your console, it’s probably safe to assume that these cheats will only function on a desktop PC / Laptop. For now at least.
And plus, even if you did find a way to run wemod through a console? Microsoft would probably be quick to sever the connection in some way, shape, form, or fashion.


Will it be for Xbox live pc? :sweat_smile:

nah because the steam already work with the xbox live ver also you are one of few who use and have this game in xbox live pc so if there no people to vote or show interest in a trainer for the xbox ver they dont do it

there a way to solve this

well if you dont update the game guess you dont need the update on the wemod i’ve turned off the updates of my steam ver of panzer corps and well its working fine its a way to solve this problem with games with ALOT of updates and no significant change ,
i did the same for Mass Effect Andromeda back when it was fixing all the day and night then i wait until a stable ver and when they stop with the fixes i turn on the updates again and get the last wemod trainer

Trainer no longer work

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Trainer no longer work

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