Party Buffalo Drive Explorer [Support/News]

Since Lander is dead (but still developing) I decided to make a thread to post updates regarding the app and what’s going on. I will even offer support when needed!

What is Party Buffalo Drive Explorer?
Party Buffalo Drive Explorer is an app made by CLK that can view files on an Xbox HDD or USB drive configured for the Xbox 360. It is entirely open source. Currently it does NOT support Xbox 360 Memory Units, but now that USB drives are here and usable MUs are pretty much obsolete.

Download Party Buffalo here:

Download the Party Buffalo source here:


[details=Open Me]


What features does Party Buffalo currently have?

Currently, people using Party Buffalo can:

  • Read hard drives, backups, USB drives, etc. (stuff said in the “What is Party Buffalo Drive Explorer” segment)
  • Load real i[/i] game names, content titles, information, and other general STFS information
  • Store bookmarks
  • Search their drive for content
  • Back up your hard drive
  • Do custom backups (choose the items to store to your PC)
  • Extract the security and “josh” magic sectors
  • Attempt to recover deleted files
  • Bunch of other stuff. If you’re still reading this and haven’t tried the app, get off your ass and do it

Party Buffalo is a little bit slow on loading some directories. Is there any way I can speed this up?

Yes, actually you can turn off loading game names/file STFS information by clicking on the “Drive” menu, and then turning off the options under the sub-menu “Loading Options”

So… this app is open-source… does that mean I can rip the source code and put it in my app and charge for it and not give you credit?!

No, you can go **** yourself

That’s right, I saw that Gyazo picture (:

Think I’ll wait intill horizons explorer. But I Downloaded it and played around a little. Not bad.

RIP Lander Griffith 3/18/11

Awwww yyeeeuuuuuuhhhh

It’s a ****ing program about Buffalo’s partying, how can you not use this?

But seriously, it works. Nothing else has before. Jizz.

hopefully it won’t destroy my HDD this time -_-’

That’s not guaranteed.

Did it really destroy your hdd?

I’ve never had problems with it.

CLK had one build which had an argument issue (two functions with same name/arguments except one of them had a different value type) and accidentally made it pass the cluster number instead of the cluster offset to said function, and so it would round it down low enough to where it would accidentally the entire security sector.

I heard it was all a conspiracy though.

i can fix it now though. before i didn’t have a computer to connect it to so i could use hddhackr
it’s all good now

If you just replace the security sector in a hex editor it should work too. If not, get a “Josh” sector from another drive, write all bytes up to the first partition to null, slap that “Josh” ***** on there as well, and replace the security sector.

same thing happened to my hdd but i was to lazy to fix it so just use it for my jtag.