Passed my driving test

Passed my driving test today. I’m really happy I finally got round to doing it. I’m not a big car fan or really been interested in driving. I live in a smallish town so when ever I need to go somewhere I’d walk or a friend would drive to the cinema or whatever. But I got a different job that’s a few miles away so kinda needed a car. Got four minors which I’m really happy with too.

im the exact same mate not interested in driving due to work being 15 minutes away and everything is either a small bus journey or walk away.
congratulations though bro

For some reason, I automatically assumed you held a full driving licence. Don’t know why :smile:

Congratulations though!

aren’t you like 25 lol l0ser

26 lol like I said never been interested in driving. Definitely should have done it sooner though.

Yeah I got my licence when I was 17 and I could’ve gotten it when I was 18… I was pretty upset I didn’t do it sooner.

Congrats tho


Time for pinkslips.

Congrats Man!

I didn’t get mine til I was 20, but started driving my friends cars when I was about 16. Luckily I never got pulled over lol.

Congrats, I’m going for my motorcycle license soon.

skateboard = car