Payday 2 Cheats with CENSORED file

I’m trying to use the WeMod cheats for Payday 2 with the files from CENSORED - MALWARE, but no matter which exe file i use it doesn’t load, no matter if I press play to initialise the game or while the game is already runnung from the same file

We do not make trainers for illegally acquired (cracked/pirated) copies of games. We do not condone the theft of other people’s intellectual property either.

If you want trainers to work properly, you will need to buy the game legally.
If you can’t afford your gaming habits, there is at least one free game posted a week in this community’s Deals section, sometimes a AAA game.

See here why no trainer provider on the internet, including us, build trainers to deliberately work with illegal copies of games: No support for cracked games? - #3 by Instinct

Also I removed the website from your post, to protect our community, because it actually contains malicious malware. This is another reason you need to buy games properly - even game crackers need to make a living somehow, they do this by installing malware, spyware, crypto miners and trackers on your PC to mine and sell your private data or steal your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.