Payday 2 mods not working

whenever I start the hack thought we mod, the game opens then goes to the menu like normal. I shift tab out of my game and it says the mod didn’t work and I should try at a different point in my game? can anyone please help me because it has never worked

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Are you using the trainer online? If you are, there are no guarantees that the cheats will work because trainers aren’t designed with online in mind for obvious reasons.

Are you using any 3rd party mods besides WeMod? You can also try alt-tab and clicking play once you are in game.

found a soulotion yet?

I got it thx, the issue was I have mods via payday 2 mods that I dragged into the payday 2 folder. The mods were called BLT mods. Thanks for the help

That’s what Chris Said 6 days ago. Or asked. Mods usually interfere with trainer

Sorry to open this back up but how did you remove your mods becasue ive got this issue atm and ive completely uninstalled payday2 but im still getting that error.

Need to find and remove the mods folder and also the IPHLPAPI.DLL too