Payday 3 Cheats/Mods Support?

With the latest update, Payday 3 has introduced a solo mode – “The Offline Mode” is now called “Solo Mode” and is currently in BETA. It allows players to host any heist using their own machine, thus taking on the server load themselves.

Does this mode allow for the addition of cheats or mods, or not?

Online cheating or mods are absolutely dumb, but if you want to have fun alone, this mode is definitely great for modding.
If the community uses their brains and provides clear, objective, and personal opinions as discussion material, I would be very grateful. I don’t want to hear any toxic or unnecessary whining, but have a normal conversation about whether Payday 3 in its current state has the potential to get support from WeMod, since the game is on the blacklist.


WeMod does not typically make cheats for beta versions of games. They update far too frequently for a trainer to be economically viable, and take too much time away from other games. Also beta versions are temporary, they will soon vanish after beta is complete.

WeMod will likely need to wait until it is released properly until it can assess whether a trainer is possible or not. It depends on what anti-cheat, if any, the developers choose to implement when they move it out of Beta. I’ll make sure the trainer devs are aware, either way.

Good to see they listened to their players and released an offline solo mode, though. :slight_smile:

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