Payday 3 Launch

Will there be a WeMod version trainer for Payday 3? They say the game can be played solo with AI but the game will be all time online. The game will launch in 1 day and half, and I’m really excited to play it. ^^

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As of now, it is looking like a trainer will not be possible as the entire game is server-side.


Man that’s sad. :frowning:


really sad, meaning it’s the same as Outlast Trials :frowning:



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Will there be mods in the future.

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Not if the game stays server sided


At some point, this game will have options for offline and single-player play. The payday modding community will be furious if not. Starbreeze Studios will adapt sooner than later

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So if they add an ofline mode will we get mods? I saw them sayings they will add it after the horrible launch,any chance for support?

We’ll have to wait and see. No guarantees that there’ll be an offline mode yet (though it’s looking likely).

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I really hope tbh,the devs need just a bit more bullying and they will add it

There are already mods but they are severely limited most of them are visual there are some that do affect gameplay such as crouching and jumping in casing mode and shotguns shoot 50 pellets (basically another way to increase damage)

There is hope

Yeah really want a trainer for this… Its not multiplayer so we aint playing against people which is fair… But the server side of PD3 is a joke

As the Operation Medic Bag was recently announced, maybe we are going to have a trainer eventually

There’s no way to tell until after it is fully released. It will still require an online server connection for a while. So it is incredibly unlikely it will be possible during the first stages of the release.

Phase 1 could last days, weeks, or even months.